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This service uses external servers to operate and store your backups.
Your backup are insured in the case of

  • Crash
  • If you disconnect
  • If you move zone (servers)

If you leave a server with your equipment and you join another server, you will have your equipment back.

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Get your Zworld-Afterlife server
A management panel coded by the author, for Zworld-Afterlife and its 5 different mod and various possibilities for customization are waiting for you.
Choose instantly in a single click to make a server public or private.
More information here.
Rent a server Zmod
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Zworld-Afterlife original soundtrack
Original soundtrack (2014 Digital Content) Description
Note of the Creator
01 - Cityruins
02 - I'm not dead
03 - In the dark
04 - Nature In The City
05 - Other World
06 - Prowler
07 - Run for your life
08 - Theme
09 - We remain discret
This is the original music from
Zworld-Afterlife.In full quality
uncompressed. I took a delight to
create them for the project.To
accompany the player with the experience.
This year (2015) I think will makenew
music with as muchpassion and
more instruments.It will be possible
to keep the oldmusic in the game
by dragging them in thefolder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\
If the music is detected as a choice in the
menu Option will appear:
"Zworld-Afterlife OST 2014"
Please know that my music
is available fromthe
beginning on Youtube and
SoundCloud for free.

*You will receive a
download link


Little Items
Note of the Creator
*Sold without coffee.
By clicking this button, you make a donation to the author to support his efforts.

About Donation

Where the money goes?

It is used by us to provide you excellent qualities servers, allowing to give you the best experience of Zworld-Afterlife. Without you, the project does not survive. A big thank you to all the donators !

  • 1x TeamSpeak Server (hosted in Online.net)
  • 9x Zworld-Afterlife Servers.
  • 1x Test Server Zworld-Afterlife. To develop and to test.
  • 1x No More Room In Hell Server
  • 1x Zombie Panic! Source Server
  • 2x Left 4 Dead 2 Servers
  • 1x Natural Selection 2 Server
  • 1x Team Fortress 2 Server
  • 1x Counter Strike Source Server
  • 1x Counter Strike Global Offensive Server
  • 1x Day of Defeat Source Server
  • Dedicated hosting of the French website
  • Dedicated hosting of the English website
  • 1x domain name: zworld-afterlife.fr
  • 1x domain name: zworld-afterlife.com
  • 1x Server database.